country style living room furniture

Country Style Living Room Furniture

Country Style Living Room FurnitureOne of the most handsome living room designs is the country style living room. Styling a living room with country style can be as easy as making few rearrangements and adding some wooden bowls and baskets with some beautiful flowers. However, if you have a contradicting furniture style like bold contemporary furniture, you must change the living room furniture to get the country style you desire.

Country style living room furniture is easy to attain anywhere and is also affordable so there is no need to worry about costs. Just before placing the country furniture, set a piece for focal interest like a fireplace or a country-side painting. This way you will be able to find equivalent country style living room furniture to unite the whole theme. Make sure that your window treatments go with the country style and accentuate its beauty.

Paint plays a major role in country style living room. You can give your current furniture a fresh new coat of paint so it easily resembles the country style. If the living room was enormous, paint the walls with dark warm colors to give a cozy welcoming feeling. Otherwise, paint the living room walls with pale colors to brighten and widen the living room space. The placement of a mirror here and there will absolutely enhance the living room’s brilliance by reflecting natural light from windows.

You can accessorize the country style living room with landscapes and scenery paintings, nostalgic period prints or paintings. Country style flooring is usually wooden, but if you can’t apply wooden flooring then you can use floral area rugs with rich natural colors. Look at the following country style living room furniture pictures for more inspiration.




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