decorating with mirrors in living room

Decorating with mirrors in living room

What we see of our living room decorations are merely reflections of natural light or artificial lights of the living room. Reflecting reflections can be really dazzling in a good decorating manner and so was the beginning of decorating with mirrors in living rooms. The aesthetic value of mirrors in the living room is not the only purpose of using them in decorating, because mirrors can also aid in both brightening up the living space and virtually expanding the room.

A delightful way of decorating with mirrors in a living room is placing mirrors on opposite wall so the onlooker would keep seeing reflections of reflections until the eye can’t handle it. This method of decorating with mirrors will increase the dimensions of the living room and definitely raise your appreciation along with the amusement of your living room guests. In case a living room needs widening, decorating the longest wall with a huge mirror will definitely do the trick.

Brightening up the living room with mirrors is also an advantageous point for decorating with mirrors. If lighting is your primary purpose of using mirrors in the living room, then you can use a single big mirror or several small mirrors on the wall that is in front of the natural light source. This method of placing mirrors in the living room will also serve beautifully as a tool to check out your appearance before leaving the living room.

Despite the fact that all mirrors are almost from the same base materials, mirrors differ in shape and frames. The cheapest mirrors might be the rectangular small frameless mirrors. Mirror frames can be made of different materials like wood and/or metal. The choice of the shape of the mirror and its frame should be made according to the style of the living room since decorating a French country living room is different from decorating a state-of-the-art contemporary living room.

Once the reason of decorating with mirrors in the living room is known, it is time to determine where exactly should the mirrors be placed. In a small living room where furniture is pushed against the walls, a very practical place to decorate with a mirror or mirrors would be above the sofa. The heights of people vary from one person to another so one person might think a mirror is placed too low or another think it is placed too high. This dilemma can be avoided by placed the center of the mirror at five feet above the living room floor.

Other than decorating with mirrors in the living room itself, you can use decorating with mirrors in the entry hallway which might appear dull and lifeless. Just by lining up a row of frameless wall mirrors along the frame of the door, you will be capable of simulating sidelights without actually installing ones. After getting some fabulous ideas from the previous text, have a look at the next pictures for more inspiring ideas.


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