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Living Room Lighting Ideas, 18 Cool Ideas

Living Room Lighting Ideas, While thinking in setting your living room, what come first to your mind, sure you will think in the sofa, chairs, table, TV or other essential needs, but can you live in the darkness! All your living room purposes of use need for proper lighting to can interest with it, whether watching TV, meeting guests, or others. You forget also that suitable lighting may used as a beautiful decorative living room accessory as well as other items. There are many living room lighting ideas that help you to choose the proper lighting in your living room.

Living Room Lighting Ideas:

• Living Room Table Lamps lighting: It is very stylish to have a few scattered lamps in your living room. If you want a formal look, place a pair of matching lamps at either end of a console table or on end tables, but if you prefer a less pulled together look, use lamps that don’t match.

• Living Room Floor Lamps: You can use this lighting, when you haven’t table lamps. They will be beautiful lighting if used in corners, as they don’t take more space.

• Wall Sconces lighting: It is nice to put them in either side of a mirror or piece of art and act as terrific decorative accents, but you will need to indulge other lighting sources in your living room.

• Living Room Hanging Fixtures lighting: You can use them as a decorative touch in your living room. They are usually not used in living room, but used in other rooms, the matter that adds great depth to your living room. If you use Hanging Fixtures, be sure that your ceiling is (about 9′) so that no one hits their head.

Living Room Lighting Tips:

• You may prefer to mix different kinds of living room lighting. You can Use mixing floor lamps, table lamps, or an overhead light and/or sconces. Provide enough light near reading or work areas, and make your lighting to call attention to unexpected or special places.

• Using a dimmer switch with every light in your living room , make you able to change the lighting level, as fits with your mood , you can use it with keeping your budget on, as it is not expensive, but with a great effect in your living room lighting.



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