living room wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper, The use of living room wallpaper might sound like an old-fashioned idea because wall paint comes in too many colors. However, wallpaper is very helpful in covering flaws, adding textures and connecting elements in the living room. Every living room can look a little more mesmerizing with the addition of wallpaper as illustrated in the pictures below.

Modern living room furniture is usually plain with no carvings or patterns, so a little bit of traditional artistic texture can be inserted with Victorian wallpaper. Victorian wallpaper can also be used in living rooms that adapt the Victorian theme. The colors that will be used in Victorian living room wallpaper must be modest since the Victorian pattern is too elaborate itself.

Wallpapers can be used to change the dimensions of a living room. If a living room is small, it can be widened with the used of horizontally striped wallpaper, and if the living room’s ceiling was low, the use of vertically striped wallpaper will make it seem higher. The colors of the strips in this living room wall paper can be complementary or same color with different shades, like dim strips and lustrous strips combination.

To even increase the dimensions given to a room, use living room wallpaper with geometric pattern. Geometric pattern wallpaper used throughout a living room can make it look overcrowded; thus, geometric pattern wallpaper can be used just on a single accent wall that could be the focal point of the room. Each geometric shape in this wall paper can be characterized by a certain texture and color.



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