pine living room furniture

Pine Living Room Furniture

Pine Living Room FurnitureWood is used in many living room furniture sets because of its hardness and ease to make in desired shape. Pine, although classified as soft wood, is hard enough to be used to make strong and beautiful living room furniture. Pine living room furniture is made from commercially grown pine because it is denser than natural pine. Although pine is strong, outdoor environment can really harm it, so keep it indoors.

Pine living room furniture comes in many styles both traditional and modern. In both cases, pine seating furniture must be supported with cushions for more comfort. Traditional pine furniture is bigger and has more details than modern pine furniture. That is because modern pine furniture is small to suit modern downsizing, and lacks detail as they are mass produced and require high productivity. Examples of both traditional and modern pine living room furniture are provided in the pictures below.

Pine living room furniture is usually stained to look darker or bring out the details of the wood, and always waxed, varnished or lacquered to protect the wood from damaging as well as make it look even more dazzling. An astonishing fact about antique pine living room furniture is that they can last over a hundred years with proper care because this furniture uses well-built mortise and tendon joints. Lower quality of pine furniture would use using butt joints which simply nail or screw two pieces of wood together to join them.



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