traditional living room furniture

Traditional Living Room furniture

Traditional Living Room furnitureDo you want to have a formal room in the house that has an everlasting look? The answer to you is traditional living room furniture. Traditional living room furniture is characterized by the luxury of sophistication. Traditional living rooms are summarized in elaborate designs of not only furniture but also details of walls, flooring and curtains.

Traditional living room sofas, chairs and tables are made of highly polished wood such as mahogany, oak and teak. These traditional furniture pieces are unique by having intricately carved or tapered legs. The upholstery of traditional living room sofas and chairs are either fabric or leather which is overstuffed or tufted. Common styles, as illustrated in the pictures, of traditional living room furniture are Sheraton, French Provencal and Queen Ann.

Traditional living room curtains are usually made of bold colored silk, velvet or brocade. Heavy panel curtains are wrapped by the sheers. The traditional living room walls are usually painted with neutral colors such as beige with one accent wall adorned by meticulous wallpaper. Traditional living room furniture is not complete without traditional accessories such as vase, bowls or candle stands with gold trim and intricate carvings.




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